Sustainability is an integral part of our concept of quality


The verticalization of the entire production process allows us to monitor each phase of the production cycle, reducing the use of water, chemicals and avoiding waste. We have an internal biological water purification plant and a collection system for any spillage or leakage of liquid products placed under the departments to prevent even accidental pollution of the water table. Through a fumes purification plant we treat the fumes to reduce the polluting load and to recover energy.

We also have a selection of fabrics from the BOSELLI -ECO line made with recycled polyester, GRS certified. The recycled polyester threads are obtained by recycling plastic bottles.


BOSELLI & C.’s Code of Ethics serves as the regulatory foundation within the organization, outlining the moral rights and duties of all participants in work activities. This corporate document clearly defines ethical-social responsibilities and guiding principles to govern the conduct of those affiliated with the company.

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Use the button below to report suspicious activities or ethical violations. We guarantee maximum confidentiality and handle reports according to our dedicated procedure. BOSELLI & C. is committed to promptly investigating and taking appropriate measures to ensure an ethical and safe work environment. Thank you for contributing to our high standards of integrity.


Targeted investments allow us to work according to standards of energy saving and respect for the environment, we also make use of the most authoritative certifications for consumer protection.

It certifies that Boselli fabrics do not contain or release substances harmful to human health and represents a standard in the textile and clothing sector for consumer protection.

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a regulation governing the use and import of harmful chemicals. BOSELLI is actively committed to this regulation and verifies that all suppliers operate in compliance with safety standards for chemicals and raw materials.

It certifies that Boselli fabrics are obtained from recycled materials in compliance with environmental and social criteria extended to all stages of the production chain.


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