B.active3X by Boselli is born from the R&D Department of BOSELLI1898. It is the result of years of research in the company, which offers three actions in a single fabric: bacteriostatic action (thanks to Ag+ Ions), water repellent action (thanks to Water Repellent – WR properties) and Flame Retardant FR action (thanks to the use of PL-organophosphorized wires).

Through a micro-pigmentation process, the particles applied in the B.active3X by Boselli finishing are incorporated in the fabric, depositing in the interstices of the yarn and binding in an indissoluble way.

The treatment is long lasting and does not require reactivation. The Ag+ ions allow the control guaranteeing impermeability and resistance even to water and dry cleaning. The B.active3X by Boselli finishing guarantees hygiene and freshness ensuring the following actions:

  • It acts directly on the DNA of microorganisms, interrupting their replication
  • Inhibits the proliferation of bacteria by preventing them from colonizing on tissue surfaces
  • Blocks the enzymes necessary for the cellular breathing process
  • Continuously increases the concentration of Ag+ ions within the pathogenic cell, causing its cytoplasmic membrane to explode
  • Antivirus action is being researched

The finishing B.active3X by Boselli combines the antimicrobial properties of silver with the Water Repellent (WR) action. The finishing B.active3X by Boselli maintains the characteristics of the organophosphoric co-monomers inserted inside the specially selected polyester yarns, giving the fabric a durable Flame Retardant (FR) characteristic.

Thus, the innovative family of fabrics is born, and thanks to the application of B.active3X by Boselli finishing, become ideal fabrics for applications in hospital/healthcare environments, for the production of hygienic and safe products such as curtains, textile dividers and hygienic mattress covers. It is also suitable for home, hotel, RSA and hotel environments.


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