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The products for sale on the website www.boselli.it are sold and invoiced by E. Boselli & C. S.r.l., a company with registered office in Via Repubblica, 80 – 22077 Olgiate Comasco (Como), Italy, a company registered at the C.C.I.A.A. of Como, C.F. 01706690128 and P.I. 01893490134.

For any information regarding orders, shipments and, more generally, purchases, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service of E. Boselli & C. S.r.l..

A. Acceptance of the general conditions and conclusion of the contract

  • E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. offers for sale on the Site www.boselli.it products to customers, only if they have a VAT number (the “Customer”).
  • The contract between E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. (hereinafter also the “Seller”) and the Customer shall be considered concluded with the acceptance, even partial, of the order by E. Boselli & C. S.r.l.. In case of non-acceptance, E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. will give timely notice to the customer.
  • By placing an order in the various ways provided, according to the order form on the site (hereinafter, the “Order”), the customer must read all the information provided during the purchase process and accept these general conditions (hereinafter the “Conditions”).

B. Method of purchase

1. Territorial Scope:
E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. will accept and process orders with delivery in all countries in the world where it is possible to make shipments through carriers, except for countries where the shipment and delivery is expressly prohibited by local laws or international rules and regulations.

2. Purchase via e-commerce platform:

2.1 In order to proceed with the purchase through the e-commerce platform of E. Boselli & C. S.r.l., the customer must first register their account in the section of the site www.boselli.it, providing E. Boselli & C. S.r.l., in compliance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data, all the requested data that are necessary for E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. to proceed with the correct management of the Order placed.

Once the registration of the account has been completed, the Customer can make the purchase, inserting the chosen items in a “virtual” shopping cart (of which they will always be able to visualize the complete content before confirming the same), after having carefully examined these Conditions, as well as the characteristics of the product and/or the products he intends to purchase, the relative price and the shipping costs.

3. Prices and Payment Methods:

3.1 The prices indicated on the website do not include taxes and VAT. Possible items of taxes, VAT, shipping costs, customs duties are in any case communicated to the Customer.

3.2 The payment of the Order made can be executed with electronic money on the PayPal platform.
For customers residing in the European Union or in countries where the PayPal service is not available, it will also be possible to pay for the order by Ordinary Bank Transfer; if you have any doubts, please contact our Customer Service by sending an email to web@boselli.it or by phone at +39 (0)31 9843011 during the following hours:
Mon – Fri 08.30 – 12:30 and 13.30 – 17:30.

4. Order receipt:

4.1 The correct receipt of the Order will be confirmed by sending a copy of the Order itself to the e-mail address communicated by the Client.
Such confirmation message will propose again all the data inserted by the Client. By placing the Order in www.boselli.it the Customer declares to have read the conditions of sale, the payment methods proposed, the entire purchase procedure and to accept them.

4.2 E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. may not be able to follow up orders that are incomplete or inaccurate or in case of unavailability of products. In fact, the availability of the article displayed is purely indicative given the possibility of multiple purchases at the same time by multiple registered users. For this reason the E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. reserves the possibility, once received the Order, to verify the availability of the product and, in lack, to communicate timely the not acceptance of the sent Order or the future date of availability of the same one. In merit no responsibility can be imputed to E. Boselli & C. S.r.l..

4.3 In all the above cases, E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. will inform the Customer of the missed conclusion of the contract, specifying the reasons. In case of concluded Order and price already paid for a product not more available, the Seller will provide to refund to the Customer, without undue delay, the amount paid and the contract concluded between the parties will be considered resolved.


5.1 For each Order placed and paid registered E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. will emit regular invoice of the sent goods. The invoice will be used in paper modality also for eventual customs requirements and however in every case sent also through e-mail to the holder of the same one.

5.2 The data provided by the Customer during the registration of his account or during the compilation/confirmation of the field “billing and shipping” at the time of the Order will be included in the invoice and no change will be possible after the issuance of the invoice itself.

6. Shipping:

6.1 All Orders placed on our e-commerce platform will be shipped by courier. Transport costs will always be charged to the customer. Shipping costs may not include any additional costs not dependent on E. Boselli & C.. S.r.l., such as customs duties or specific local taxes that will be charged directly by the shipper.

6.2 The times of delivery of the products could vary also in comparison to those informed on the site, for causes not imputable to E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. and from it not avoidable. To the moment of the delivery of the products, the Customer is held to undersign the delivery note after to have duly checked: 6.2.1 that the number of the packs in delivery corresponds to how much indicated in the transport document; 6.2.2 that the packaging turns out integral, not damaged, neither wet or however altered, also in the closing materials (adhesive tape or metallic straps).

6.3 Any damage to the packaging and / or product or the mismatch in the number of packages or indications, must be immediately detected, putting a specific indication on the delivery note of the product to be returned to the courier.

6.4 Eventual inherent problems the physical integrity, the correspondence or the completeness of the received products should be signaled within 7 days from the happened delivery in order to allow E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. to proceed with the appropriate checks. The above mentioned in any case does not incide in some way on the right of return or on the legal guarantee on the product.

7. General information on items and limitations:

7.1 The registered Customer can purchase the items on our e-commerce platform at the time of placing the Order. The images of the color variants of each item proposed, for reasons of different colorimetry of the source from which they are viewed and chosen by the customer (including because of the browser and monitor used to access the Site and display images) and the specificity of the item in the catalog, may differ from the actual color of the article sent; however, we guarantee a level of tolerance such as not to affect the choice made.

7.2 The technical data accompanying the sheet of each of our articles are complete of their characteristics and comply with current regulations. In case of doubts or need of further clarifications we invite you, before confirming the order, to contact our Customer Service during the indicated hours, at the e-mail address web@boselli.it or directly at the telephone number +39 (0)31 9843011 where one of our sales consultants will be operating during the following hours:
Mon – Fri 08:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 17:30.

7.3 The choice of the type of packaging for the shipment and of the modality of packaging (flaps, on tube, etc.) of the ordered items will be made according to the unquestionable decision of E. Boselli & C. S.r.l..

8. Data Protection:

8.1 E. Boselli & C.. S.r.l. reserves the right to preserve the data of each carried out Order and the relative addresses of the Customer with the purpose to use them to the aims of the correct execution of the same Order also through the transmission to our commercial partners involved in the various phases of the management (payment, logistics management, customer care, post-sale assistance, etc.).

8.2 In every case, the storage and the treatment of the data will happen according to the content of the informative concerning the protection and the use of the data from E. Boselli & C. S.r.l.. Any further treatment will be made only with the express consent of the customer.

9. Applicable Law

9.1 The contract of sale referred to in these Conditions and its execution is governed by Italian law.

10. Changes and Updates

10.1 These General Conditions of Sale may be amended from time to time, also as a result of possible regulatory changes. The new General Conditions of Sale will be effective from the date of publication on the Site.

Returns and right of withdrawal

In confirmation of the policy of transparency and research of the total satisfaction of its Customers, E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. adheres to and fully applies the European legislation and its national transpositions on returns and recesses.

1. Definition of Professional Client:

It is defined and will be considered as Professional Customer (“Professional Customer”) the person who, during the registration of the account on the website or during the indication of the billing data while purchasing E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. products, communicates a valid VAT number (“VAT Number”) of his country of residence or, in the absence of VAT Number, registers during the creation of the account as a company.

Professional Customer:

Professional Customers are all those who, when registering an account on the Site or when indicating billing information during the purchase of items, will provide a valid VAT number.

The Professional Customer’s right of return is allowed only and exclusively in case of verified problems on the quality of the goods purchased.
Given the commodity specificity of the articles, it will be taken into account complaints about defects or hidden defects (eg. discoloration in certain environmental situations, etc..) if reported to E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. within the term of 3 (three) months from the date of delivery of the product.
Complaints concerning evident defects or faults (e.g. holes, tears, non-uniform color of the fabric, etc.) will be taken into consideration if reported to E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. within 7 (seven) days from the delivery date of the product.

Defect complaints:

• To activate the return procedure for obvious defects, the Professional Customer will need to contact E. Boselli & C. S.r.l., within and not beyond 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of goods, reporting the non-compliance / defects through written notice to E. Boselli & C. S.r.l.’s Customer Service, through the e-mail address web@boselli.it specifying, in the more detailed way possible, the type of defectiveness found and the references of the article, attaching also a copy of the packing list and invoice.
In order to make the management of return procedures more efficient, it is requested to attach, if possible, photographic documentation about the defect reported.
• It will be care of the Customer Service E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. to take charge in the shortest time possible, in any case within 3 (three) working days, the report sent by contacting the Professional Customer in order to manage the same and possibly provide the UPS Tracking, required to make the shipment.
• Once the Tracking is received, the Professional Customer will be able to ship the material within and no later than 7 (seven) days from the date of written authorization to return.
• In case of obvious defect of the purchased fabric, if it is evident the modification of the original state of the fabric in comparison to that of the receipt of the Order and/or in case of successive workings of the same (cut, sewn, embroidered fabric, etc.), contestations and/or claims will not be accepted; in case of hidden defect instead this clause will not be applied;
• The return shipment will be conducted by E. Boselli & C. S.r.l., the goods must be packaged carefully to avoid damage during shipment. The original packaging must be used, if possible and/or available, and the product/s must be complete with everything originally sent. For any further information please contact the Customer Service E. Boselli & C. S.r.l..
• Upon arrival of the goods, E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. will verify the integrity of the package and the conformity of the goods inside. In case of presence of non-compliance or non-compliance with the procedures of return by the Professional Customer, it will be on the care of E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. to immediately inform the same for the evaluations of the case.
• E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. will provide then to the technical analysis – control of quality of the material and in case of ascertainment and verification of the signaled defectiveness E. Boselli & C. S.r.l. will provide to the integral substitution of the article in the received quantity and found in phase of technical control. In the case in which the article/product to replace is not available it will be care of the Customer Service to contact the Professional Customer in order to find an alternative resolution of the problem (credit note, supply of similar article, etc.).
• The shipment of the eventual substituted goods will be integrally in the responsibility of E. Boselli & C. S.r.l..

Legal notes
The competent court for any legal dispute will be that of Como.


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